Hi this is Hailey, daughter of poseidon and I have no idea what I am doing, and Rachel now I feel like a total dork. Well Let's talk about Kronos and he cannot screw with my friends but if he does I will kick him so hard he will cry for his mamma. Moving on, that was a little weird. What should we talk about? Oh, I know the war, when and what do you think is gonna happen? And by the way my tag on my comments is : -Hailey. And I always put my tag on my comments unless I'm too lazy:-). If you need anything just tell me. I'm on a lot during the night. Oh, and if you have any strange dreams you can tell me and I will do my best to figure out what it ment along with visions. Sorry this is so long, but I thought it might help. And this is what I look like : I have strawberry blonde hair, I'm about 5"7 (I am tall for my age), and my eyes change from shedes of blue to shades of gray, it depends on my mood. Again, sorry this is so long. Thank you. Rachel: I don't know when the war is gonna happen if it already hasn't but soon cuz it's spring officially here in my state. Also it's 60 degrees Fahrenheit today. It has been along time since its been this warm.

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