This is where you can get some tips!

(Add to it if you like)

Unfortunately, we don't really know where to get ambrosia, nectar, drachmas, and magical metals for weaponry. So, if you find yourself in a monster situation, good luck.

Survival Tips

  1. Do not run away, because we are not sure if there really is a Camp Half-Blood. So it would be pointless, unless you want to be brutally murdered and killed by monsters or demititans.
  2. Try to get a weapon, anything would do (knife/wooden sword/lighter/large stick/pocket knife/etc.)
  3. I, Danielle, prefer if you learn something in self defense or hand-to-hand combat, it could be helpful against some monsters.
  4. Try to get some golden drachmas, gods and other demigods usually put them in fountains for other gods/demigods for emergencies.
  5. Learn anything and everything you can about each kind of monster. The information will be useful.
  6. Don't be fooled by anything, keep your senses sharp. Like for Nike kids they do better when they have no sight because their other senses become sharper.
  7. Find other demigods to stick with so they can help you fight and stuff.
  8. Don't go looking for trouble, usually that attracts monsters.


  • Nectar/Ambrosia (for healing...duh. But be VERY careful not to give a over dose or any to a mortal..)
  • Weapons (any kind that could protect you can do)
  • Water (to bathe and drink.....drink at least two bottles a day!)
  • Food (OK, this ones obvious; I'm pretty sure I don't have to explain.)
  • Rope (to escape traps, etc)
  • Duct tape (a demigod's best friend! It can be used for torture, attaching Greek fire, armor, etc)
  • Armor (OK, I'm pretty sure you know why)
  • Laptop (so you don't get bored out of your mind and to get directions)
  • Cellphone (keep off at all times!)
  • Mortal medicine (Tylenol, Benadril, etc)
  • other demigods {incase you are surounded}