Demigods have always dominated warfare.


Swords are classic examples of weapons used by demigods. There are straight swords and scimitars which are curved. The Greek style of swordfighting is focuses more on the offensive than the Roman style. They can be made of celestial bronze, stygian iron, imperial gold, and cloud steel.


Spears are used by heroes who prefer to get close but not to close and are good for fighting against many opponents at once. However spears are limited to a stabbing motion so if a demigod wants to use a spear they must master the stabbing motion.

Bows and Arrows

Bows and arrows are lethal weapons that can kill from many yards away although a sword is spear is necessary to supplement for melee combat. It takes a good shot for a bowman to be fully effective.

Knives and Daggers

Knives and daggers are for the quickest of fighters since they don't have the reach or power of a sword. The user must be small and agile to make a knife or dagger fully effective. Like swords they can be made of celestial bonze, stygian iron, imperial gold, or cloud steel.


shields are meant for those who like to play defense even though they cant kill they are useful when dealing with monsters/titans/demititans who can throw/spit things at you