About this page

This has some stuff about the Greek Gods and their children. Even if you dont match it does not mean your not their kid, you have to remember, Godly or not, you're your own person, with your own personality and looks.

This is just based off what we KNOW.

Their Kids


Looks: Blond hair, and grey eyes.

Personality: Strong-willed, and smart. They love reading a lot and they love puzzles. Usually grow up as architechs.

Hobbies: Reading, learning, and weaving.


Looks: Black hair, usually tan, and sea blue/green eyes.

Personality: They are usually strong-willed and over protective.They dont take "no" for an awnser,And are extremley persistant.

Hobbies: Swimming,Sword fighting,And more to be added on later


Looks: Dark hair  (Sometimes blond hair for Children of Jupiter, Zeus's Roman Form), bronze/ storm gray eyes, broad shoulders (for boys)

Personality: Prideful, natural leaders, 

Hobbies: Anything aviation related cause Zeus is the god of the sky


Looks: Deathly pale skin, dark hair, Brown eyes

Personality: Anti-social, rebellious

Hobbies: Anything death related