Fellow half-bloods who have read the first part, this is how you keep a relationship alive.

So you've asked them out and they said yes

After following the steps from my first page you have successfully asked out him/her.This is mainly for guys since girls don't usually ask out guys. Think of a date idea but first do research: find out what she likes and incorporate that into the date idea. When you go out on a date don't be cheap but also don't go overboard or she will think you are desperate. Start a good conversation, learn about her, make it about her as much as possible and less of you. This will pay off.

Once you have gone on the first date let some people know that she is your girlfriend but don't brag about it or she might be embarassed and cheat on you. Do NOT flirt with other girls or else she will think you are cheating on her. A slight connotation of cheating can set off a huge set of events that you don't want to happen. Beware if she won't let you have friends that are girls watch out.

If she does cheat on you there is only one way to deal with it. On the contrary on what our godly parents do, do not just let it go and certainly don't cheat on them for revenge. At this point you have to calulate how much bad it was. If she just flirted with another boy and went out with him not a big deal. If that guy and her had s_x drop her. She has to deal with what she did.

How to deal with the demigod problems of dating

If she is demigod you will want to be on her godly parent's good side. This may prove challenging after all Zeus tried to vaporize Kate since he couldn't have her for himself. Honestly I can't believe he would try to steal his own son's girlfriend, Anyway moving on, Your girlfriend has to deal with demigod porblems just as much as you do unless she is mortal. If she is clear-sighted explain to her that mortals can't enter camps and those are the only safe havens for demigods. If she isn't just make something and butter her up. Ocean, Rachel, Liz, and Lane, please edit this page.

Okay so,theres a problem okay you would need to tell him/her the problem so you can try to reasolve the situation if it's personal just give him/her hints and mabey they will figure out without alll the embaressement.