We need to know about monster classes

Strength class

These monsters include cyclopses, hundred handed ones, and dracanae. They are slow but strong so if you are quick enough approach from behind and stab it.

Tinkerer class

Telekhines are the only known member of this class. They are quick but weak so one blow if you can land a hit on it will send it back to tartarus. They are the most unpredictable because they are the most likely to carry weapons

Speed Class __________________________________________________

These monsters are fast and furious. This class includes hellhounds, furies, venti. They are fast only when able to roam free so if you corner them they can't fight back

Posion Class _________________________________________________-

These monsters sting hard.This class includes Dragons and drakons. They are long creatures so get to very end and then stab.

Titanic class __________________________________________________

These giants include hyborean and laistroyginian giants. They are huge so as long as u dont get stepped on u will be fine. So stab at each foot then stab the chest to send it back to tartarus