The gods and goddesses may have power but half-bloods can stand a chance so we need to learn how to defeat the gods if they go rogue.

Major gods

First Zeus my father, His domain lightning: He is nothing without his master bolt

Poseidon: Pollute the ocean

Hades: Blow up the fields of Asphodel

Ares: Defeat him in a fight

Hephaestus: Blow all his forges

Athena: Beat her at something

Demeter: Burn grain fields

Hera: Talk about Zeus's demigod children

Artemis: Kiss her

Apollo: Tie him up and make him listen to Justin Bieber

Dionysus: Throw away good wine

Hermes: Steal from him or fart on him

Aphrodite: Call her ugly

Minor gods

Nemesis: forgive someone

Iris: destroy a rainbow

Hecate: Say all she can do is cheap tricks

NIke: Call her a loser

Hebe: Cause a pandemic

Tyche: Win a bet against her